In 2017, your business will not survive without a website, period. However, what happens if you have a website, but it does not meet current standard practices for SEO? Frankly speaking, if this is your current situation, you may as well not have a website at all. The reality is that a site that meets current practices and has the proper User Interface is invaluable. This kind of website design and development is not easy nor does it come cheap.

I heard I can get a website built for real cheap.

Sure, you’re the owner of a business, and you get hundreds, if not thousands of emails a year from web designers. They offer to create your new word press website for only $295, with an additional $100 month for SEO (search engine optimization) with the promise of landing top 5 in search results. We’ve all heard this story before, and we know exactly how it goes. This article is somewhat of a warning letter to you. DO NOT BE FOOLED, and as the adage states, “you get what you pay for”. We can’t count how many times we’ve had to rescue our clients from these nightmares. After going through the process with these “web design companies”, they have also (without knowing) forfeited their ownership to the domain name, and then panic sets in. That’s about the time we get the phone call.

The reality is that good work does not come cheap, and honesty in business is very scarce these days. When considering a website and what you need it to do for you, begin with research. Understand the process and the potential service providers you’re going to acquire for this design. Google reviews are a good indicator of the service provider and what they typically offer their clients in the way of customer service

Why Web Design is not like it used to be.

Do you remember that very first mobile phone you ever purchased? Those sleek design lines and shiny chrome exterior plating got people talking. That amazing “fit in the palm of your hands” feels that you got right before flipping the phone open to call to your friends? That was a LONG time ago – those days no longer exist. Phones never needed any software updates, and the batteries lasted FOREVER.

Cut to 2017; your phone is no different than your brand new website. It needs constant software maintenance; similar to the updates you get from your Apple or Samsung phone that protect you against viruses and hackers. Updates improve the usability and overall performance of the operating system. These updates are no different than your modern day website. Your website is the face of your business. It’s the very first impression you give to online visitors, and when it comes to first impressions, you always want to put your best foot forward.

The benefits of a significant web presence.

a website that meets all the criteria of a successful design and development process, will not only stand out from the competition; it will reap its rewards through customer acquisition. The name of the game is to make money. If your products or services can’t be seen or is being ignored by clients, you won’t see revenue. However, if you’re reading this right now, it’s probably because you understand that you need to take action towards improving your web presence. This article was written to inform and inspire you to improve with your daily online strategies and the way you think about your website.

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