Take a deep breath – 90% of us are caught up searching for security at the expense of happiness. As a 90-percenter myself, not once have I looked forward to stepping into work at any of my past jobs. Clearly, I wasn’t finding light at the end of those tunnels. On the flip side, it’s not easy to commit to the same request every big motivational speaker preaches: “find what you love, and make it your job!” What the heck does that even mean Tony Robbins? I love cookies and basketball. Great, let’s bake cookies in the shape of basketballs and sell them for five bucks each.

Nothing influenced my career perspective more than a 180-degree change in mindset. For me, attempting to become the Jack of all trades was my downfall. I wanted to be good at as many things as possible, and the return on investment was… absolutely nothing. I had the opposite problem of the famous “too many eggs in one basket” idiom – too many empty baskets. Instead, the focus shifted to discovering a business idea that followed two criteria: something I could enjoy doing and the potential to become exceptional at it. I didn’t know how it was going to work at first, but that idea was content writing and eventually SEO. My business partner Moe mastered the art of new media, a craft involving web, video, and 3D design.

3 years of the AGC media rollercoaster and here we are today. It was a tremendous honor for Moe and I to receive this esteemed award by Three Best Rated – a company that awards the top 3 local businesses in each major city Canada-wide. The award reaffirms all the hard work and early hours we grind through to provide the best quality in web design and SEO possible. Let’s make 2017 an even more exceptional year!


Ali & the AGC Media team.