Product Photography for E-Commerce

Let’s face it, the trustworthiness of your online business simply comes down to how you look. The quality of your web design and product photography is the first thing that catches the eyes. In that moment the customer decides whether they’ll stay on your site or quickly abort it. Fact of the matter is, even though we’re told not to judge a book by its cover that’s exactly what customers do to online businesses. Quality of photos taken of your products and how well the images integrate into the website will determine the success you’ll have in selling them. This also holds to be true if you sell products on sites like Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

How to Maximize the Quality of your Product Photography

Ideally, showcasing your product against a seamless white backdrop will do the best job of highlighting it. That’s because there’s nothing to distract you away from the product – no unnecessary environments, contexts, nothing. Unless your product is white, having a seamless white background will also help contrast the product better. Perceptually, this sharpens the fine details of the product including edges, corners, and perimeter textures. It keeps the customer’s attention on the product while giving them a better detailed picture about it. At AGC Media, we use white boxes that are designed to help create a seamless background. White boxes come in many sizes, functionalities, and prices. The idea is that by using a white box, you can control the entire environment surrounding the product. All the walls of the box are completely white with only one side exposed called the “window”. The type of white used is also important to consider. To maximize the seamless experience, the backdrop must be a pure white. Off-whites like ivory and cream do not escape the lighting of the camera as much and should be avoided.

Giving the Best Viewing Experience Possible

Product Photography

Now that the quality of the picture is taken care of, another thing we consider is the experience our customers get from viewing the product. A plain 1-dimensional photo is only that; one angle of the product. As common as this is in the e-commerce world, there’s nothing enticing about how limiting this is. Let’s say you were selling an airsoft gun for example and wanted to created the best viewing experience possible for it. Considering the amount of details on a product like this, the best way to highlight it is by taking photos of multiple angles. Bonus points are attained when you take all the photos from the same height, and even more points if all photos are equally distant from the product. To give you an idea of what this would create, suppose you were 2-feet away from the product. Now suppose you began walking in a perfectly circle around the product while maintaining eye contact with it. Back to the photos now; if you were to put them together in an interactive image that can spin 360 degrees either direction, you’ve basically replicated the physical experience of walking around the object!

Why Product Photography is the New Way to Market your Product

Website Integration of Images

The market is shifting from brick and mortar retail stores to online stores. Companies like Amazon are literally taking over the shopping game right before our eyes. The thing that will set you apart from other Amazon vendors comes down to only a few things, a crucial one being how effective your product photography is. Having high-quality, interactive images gives your customers the chance to understand your product at a deeper, more involved level. Have your own website? Even better. You wont be as limited in how you can display your online products. Guys, the time is now to begin investing in your website’s present-ability. And trust me, if you don’t do this there are hundreds more that will because that’s what will set them apart.

Above are general concepts as to what goes into making product images stand out. Although it’s simplistic at first glance, there are many factors that go into creating the optimal experience. This includes lighting, camera settings, retouching, and resizing. We consider all these crucial details and more when creating the perfect images for our customers and their products. We often recommend this service because the return on investment is noticed early and remains on board for the long run. For any questions or inquiries about how the right product photography can help you, feel free to contact us any time, seriously. Let’s help you create the best online customer experience now by implementing this great strategy. Now is the time to make some serious gains in conversions!

The AGC Media Team