Marketing is remarkably unique for every industry. It must speak to the story of what companies in each industry do and how they do it. But most importantly, it must evoke the right emotions for the current and potential clients. One Whitby physiotherapy clinic is taking its talents to digital marketing. They’re bringing a fresh new brand experience that hasn’t yet been used in the physiotherapy/health care industry. Marketing for physiotherapy brings a lot of challenges. Not only must the business be careful of any restrictions laid out by their governing body about confidentiality, privacy protection, and so forth, they must come across as organic in their approach. When Boss Physio, a whitby physiotherapy clinic decided they wanted to communicate their brand digitally, those were the hurdles they faced.

Current digital marketing best practice tells us to offer tremendous value. The audience watching the content, whether on your website or social media platforms are dedicating their free time to do so. In exchange for their attention, the approach that works best is to communicate so much value that you become their leading source of edutainment in that field. In Boss Physio’s case, they wanted to create fresh video and audio content that would teach people easy ways to maximize their health at home with simple physiotherapy exercises. Here’s the best part – they did it all for free. Every single post, blog, podcast, etc. had no intention of grabbing money right away. Instead, they focused on helping whoever in their audience dedicated their time to consume their content.

In our digital age, there’s so much noise out there. Marketing for physiotherapy must break through all the noise with quality over quantity. It really comes down to producing content that people can follow. In this case, they were videos created to help people move and feel better using the tools they have at home. The intent was to get the audience to use the physiotherapist’s content to their advantage. As Boss Physio kept providing advice, they became a thought leader on injury recovery and health optimization. The more this happened, the more the clinic occupied space at the top of their audience’s mind in this category. Eventually, the conversion occurs when an audience member requires physical care by the clinician outside of the content they provided.

Physiotherapists like the ones at Boss Physio are adopting this model of marketing for physiotherapy. In doing so, they are putting themselves ahead of competitors who are using out-dated techniques. The competition’s failure to adapt to our new digital age puts them at risk of falling behind. Let this be a reminder to always stay current with your marketing!