Designed using a brain-centered approach, the IndiFoot program is guaranteed to take players to the next level. The IndiFoot concept uses a number of exercises, techniques and activities intended to challenge each players body and more importantly, mind. Using research based around the study of neuroscience, the program consists of the most modern and effective methodology used to improving players soccer performance on both an individual and team basis.


APEX IFC approached us and asked if we would develop a logo design that they could use for their soccer development program that would help brand and promote the new registrants. We were able to brand them and create a number of materials to help promote them through print and web services.T his exposure will help bring potential new customers into their sales location. A proper branding presence helps build trust and legitimacy of the business with the client. Please take the time to view the website at:

Since implementing the logo, APEX IFC have used it in a number of promotional campaigns that we have helped them develop.


  • Video Production
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design and Implementation
  • Motion Graphics