The game is the best teacher and the TOCA program allows the game to teach. Here’s how:

  • The field/court/gym/area is split into a number of smaller grids. Within each grid a unique small-sided game takes place where two teams compete for 12 minutes, split into two 6 minute halves.
  • Each game offers different objectives and players must use their individual skill combined with teamwork to try and overcome the opposition.
  • TOCA creates a wonderful atmosphere of fun, learning & skill & is designed to bring out the best in players’ creativity.


Apex Footy Lab was in need of an online video to promote their new TOCA soccer program and help expose it to new clients. Although their online marketing campaigns were successful, they were looking to add extra power to their marketing arsenal. This was the first step in creating the change they needed. The video gives them a professional video presence. This exposure will help potential new customers into their sales location. This presence helps build trust and legitimacy of the business with the client.

Since implementing the video, Apex Footy Lab have gained more online exposure through the resources such as YouTube and Vimeo. This is part of an ongoing project that is sure to bring positive results.


  • Video Production
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design and Implementation