At our sister company, Boss Auto Sales – we service and certify nearly 400 vehicles annually. Without having a mechanic shop of our own at the time, we needed to use “the other guys”. Our story essentially began with almost the same reason you are here. We were ripped off – being billed for items that were not changed; items that never needed to be changed; stolen catalytic converters, deliberate damage to our vehicles, etc. Our story might not be as bad as yours, but we experienced a breaking point and had to have control over the quality. We decided to open up a mechanic shop with real morals – that know right from wrong, and who believe in a “what goes around, comes around” mentality. Our philosophy has propelled us to real success within the automotive world because we go about our business with a clear conscience. Our reputation speaks for itself within the community. We dove both feet in, and we couldn’t be happier to be where we are, thanks to our amazing customer base.


Boss Auto Service (specializing in automotive repair) approached us and asked if we would develop a logo that they could use for their new business venture within the automotive repair sector. We were able to brand them and create a number of materials to help promote them through print and web services.This exposure will help bring potential new customers into their sales location. A proper branding presence helps build trust and legitimacy of the business with the client. Please take the time to view the website at:

Since implementing the logo, Boss Auto Service have used it in a number of promotional materials that we have helped them develop.


  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design